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Treasure Group Laos.

Treasure Group Laos was founded in 2002 by Mr. Sisombat Douangvilaykeo, a young and ambitious Lao businessman with one mission, to offer the best travel products, highest levels of service and competitive pricing in Laos.

In 2002, when tourism was starting to bloom in Laos, Mr. Sisombat, which translates to “Treasure”, established his own travel agent “Treasure Travel Laos” based in Luang Prabang. Sisombat recognized to compete in the developing and fast expanding market it was crucial to employ local staff along with western staff to gain a better understanding of client’s needs. With drive and hard work the agency expanded rapidly and in 2005 Sisombat built Villa Treasure to meet the increasing demands of his customers. This demand continued so in 2012 the hotel had a major renovation and now offers the 17 of the highest quality mid-range rooms in Luang Prabang

In 2009, Sisombat purchased land and built a bungalow in Vang Lae Village, Pak Ou District, Luang Prabang Province. The ideal escape for quiet weekends and complete relaxation. Located less than an hour from downtown Luang Prabang an area of pure beauty on the banks of the Nam Ou River surrounding by mountains, the idea came to Sisombat that the location would be perfect to build a luxury boutique resort. In 2010 his vision became reality and Nam Ou Riverside Hotel & Resort was completed and had its soft opening in January 2011. Now in its third year of operation the resort has grown into one of the top hotels in Laos.

In 2012, Sisombat realized a dream and opened Nam Ou Elephant Farm. With dwindling Asian Elephant numbers throughout the region and many Elephants being overworked he decided to create a conservation center that would offer Elephants a vastly improved life but also offer education and a hands on experience to tourists from all over the world. The farm is managed by the dedicated Pauline Boydell, her passion for Elephants and their survival has created the best opportunity in SE Asia to get to close to these friendly giants and learn all about the challenges Elephants face in 21st century.

Mr.Sisombat and Treasure Group Laos is proud to offer the services of Treasure Travel Laos, Treasure Hotel Laos, Nam Ou Riverside Hotel & Resort and Nam Ou Elephant Farm. Working together as a team we can offer:

  • Business to Business: better deals to accommodate our local Partners and overseas partners in relation to communication, rates and efficiency of services.
  • To help our clients to discover the best of Luang Prabang and Laos.
  • A one stop service. Look no further than Treasure Group Laos. Our partners and Guests can contact any of our businesses with your travel requirements and we will work together to make your travel requests become a reality.
  • Unrivalled expertise and experience

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